Arsenal joins the FCR to develop $AFC fan token

  • Arsenal has joined the cryptocurrency world with its most recent cooperation
  • The $AFC Fan Token is launched by the London North club on
  • Club members indicated club decisions can be influenced by surveys

Arsenal became the second club of the Premier League when it announced that it will launch the AFC Fan Token. North London teamed with Chile, the world’s top sports and entertainment blockchain platform, and will offer the token on their website. The City of Manchester, PSG, and Barcelona have already been involved at the club levels and two national sides have signed up for ties between Argentina and Portugal. Arsenal F.C. launches in conjunction with Socios a new fan token that allows its supporters to influence club choices and access the content of teams.

About Fan Tokens

Fan tokens are collectible, Chilean blockchain digital assets that give owners access to voting rights through elections, discussion fora, games, and competitions. The Gunners have announced that the relationship enables fans to influence club decisions by interactive polls, while competition and tests lead to real-life and digital club incentives. Peter Silverstone, Commercial Manager of Arsenal, said: They are thrilled to start this Socios relationship, which will link our vast international fan base to the club even closer.

As they can see from their partnerships with other prominent European clubs, Socios lead the way in blockchain in athletics. When they jointly introduce the AFC Fan Tokens, our hundreds of millions of supporters globally will be able to communicate with the club and be a part of their global family. This is another of the off-the-field advisories to the Gunners, after the latest documentary series from All or Nothing in this season was announced earlier in the summer. Both Tottenham and the city had documentary materials of their own in the past, which give an insight into the behind-the-scene world in a major football club.

Socios part in Blockchains

Supporters who have joined must be prepared to get incentives and influence selection through polls. Socios is the major way of doing sports in blockchains, as we have seen in their links with several main golfing facilities in Europe. If we collectively introduce the AFC Fan Tokens, we will provide our lots of tens of million followers globally with additional options to work with membership and become a part of our international family. This is another news off-the-field for the Gunners, after that the documentary collection of the latest Amazon all or nothing had been announced earlier in summer.

Before that, City and Tottenham had their own documentaries, which provided an insight into the lives behind the scenes of their high-level football membership. shares this Contents always with License.