Barcelona received sponsorship offers with caution

  • Cryptocurrencies firms are keen to become a sponsor to the Barcelona shirt
  • The firms are ready to become the sponsor of the left sleeve of the shirt
  • Barcelona is cautious due to the risks and variables involved with the digital currency market
  • For the good count of money, the club could consider such sponsorship offers
  • Nike has given a deadline to decide on sponsors, hence Barcelona will have to decide before October
  • Due to a couple of factors that happened this summer, the club is unable to maintain its about 180 million euro worth of incomes

Cryptocurrencies have seen tremendous growth amid the global COVID-19 outbreak. As a result, the assets in the crypto market have performed bullishly, helping investors protect their value from inflations. Moreover, observing bullish behaviour of prices, digital currencies have seen mainstream attention. However, the nascent industry is yet to reach many. Following the scenario, several crypto firms are seeking to sponsor the main shirt of Barcelona. Notably, Rakuten is the only firm existing with an agreement.

Crypto firms are keen to sponsor Barcelona’s shirt

Barcelona is a Catalan professional football club that is based out in Spain. In recent months it is observed that the cryptocurrencies boom tempts the club. Indeed, many crypto firms are seeking to sponsor the club’s main shirt. 

According to few sources from within the club, the offers have been received with a lot of caution. Notably, the speculation is due to the risks and variables involved with the crypto market. Also, Barcelona sees the sector as somewhat unethical and would only consider the move if the fund was too good to turn its policies down.

Cryptocurrencies on Barcelona shirt’s left sleeve

According to the news outlet Marca, few of the interested firms are asking to sponsor Barcelona’s shirt’s left sleeve. The part is currently vacant as the firm that previously occupied the spot has left. These crypto firms ultimately seek to move from there to the main shirt’s sponsor’s position from the following year.

Barcelona needs to decide on sponsors before October

However, following the scenario, it seems that there is still a long way to from happening such sponsorships. The club will remain committed to Rakuten until 2022. However, Nike, the manufacturer of the shirts, have set an October deadline for the club. Before that, Barcelona will have to decide on its shirt sponsor for 2022-2023, as Nike will begin the production.

On the other hand, we have observed that the club already has a global sponsor in the cryptocurrencies field. Indeed, has an arrangement with Barcelona.

Barcelona facing losses of revenue

Every year, Barcelona maintained an approximate income of 180 million euros ($212 million). However, this time the club is desperate to keep such figures. Unfortunately, the factor of desperation is a couple of blows this summer.

The deal with Rakuten was decreased by 25 million euros earlier this month. In contrast, Beko, which used to sponsor the shirt’s left sleeve, is no longer a sponsor. Notably, Beko’s exile appeared to be a loss of 10 million euros from 19 million euros this season.

However, the club has yet not found any replacement for Beko. Indeed, the season seems to have a sponsorless sleeve. shares this Contents always with License.