CoviShield IDO Funds Covid 19 Relief Centers with July 22 Launch on Zeppelin.dao

CoviShield, to assist those afflicted by Covid 19, has announced an initiative run on the BSC network with a deflationary token model to provide financial support to Covid Relief Centers worldwide.

Those at CoviShield understand how hard it is to fight against Covid 19, ravaging the world with no end in sight. Many people worldwide lack proper resources while being hit with the highest prices ever seen due to being overcharged with “gold rush” prices for the medicine, oxygen, and equipment needed to keep them alive. CoviShield comes to the rescue at a time when the people need them the most.

Several weeks ago, Zeppelin Dao came on the scene and created a new deflationary Auto Yield Token and IDO Platform. It was a perfect match for CoviShield that needed a place to launch its own dedicated vision, so they jumped on the opportunity. IDO’s or “Initial DEX Offerings” are different from “Initial Exchange Offerings” or “Initial Coin Offerings.” They have become a new sensation, rapidly taking over the crowdfunding of new crypto launches with decentralized, permissionless platforms. Because of that, IDO’s have become the norm as a new, better way to raise funds for companies in the crypto space, and CoviShield is seizing the opportunity to do the same.

Why would CoviShield Choose to launch with a Deflationary Token Model?

Deflationary currencies have a maximum supply. Because of that, the CoviShield token will have a handle on the inevitable devaluation that occurs with “inflationary” or “fiat” currencies. CoviShield is doing it with a mechanism built into the code that locks the “Liquidity” portion of the supply, and the number of tokens locked away increases over time. This portion locked upon the anticipated launch on July 22 will cause the CSHIELD token with every transaction made on the network to increase in value naturally as the number of tokens available to the public diminishes.

Unsurprisingly the reward for investors is extremely popular when it is assured what they do to help those afflicted with Covid 19 will also pay them for helping with a worthy cause. All they must do is hold the token in their wallets.

The CoviShield- ShieldTrack App Has Features That Set It Apart from Other Tokens.

CoviShield- ShieldTrack will be the first Android App for a project on the BSC Network. The Beta Version of the app has been released and is available on the Google Play Store. ShieldTrack has been developed for the holders/investors of the CSHIELD token to monitor and track investor holdings. The App hosts unique tools that are a necessity for a daily BSC investor. A virtual one stop shop stop for BSC investors to fulfill all anyone needs to safeguard their investments. 

Features currently include the list below and many more are being developed.

  + A Real-Time Whale Tracker

  + A Wallet Monitor

  + CSHIELD holdings Tracker

  + A Portfolio Manager

  + Create custom alerts

  + Free Audit Requests (Only for Holders)

The developers of CoviShield feel the Whale tracker tool is one of the app`s most important attributes. Here is more about how that works per instructions given by the developer. “Suppose anyone invests in a new token today and he is concerned of a particular whale selling and wants to be notified when the whale is going to do so. The user will use the CSHIELD BSC TOOLS, navigate to the Whale Tracker tool and then set an alert for the wallet. The App will continuously sniff the whale wallet and the moment when any activity is made, the users are notified! Thus, saving the investment of the users.”

The CoviShield Whale-Tracker Tool

The Tokenomics of CoviShield

These are the intrinsic coded workings of the CoviShield deflationary token model. Altogether it is a 10% tax on every transaction made weather buying, selling, or transferring the token. 3% is taken to fund Covid relief centers around the world. 1% goes to holders of CoviShield to generate a boost to the number of tokens in holder wallets. The number of CSHIELD tokens grows for each holder each time anyone else trades. Just holding will be rewarded because of this, and for the long-term investor, there is no other way but up. 4% will automatically go to a locked “liquidity pool.” The LP is locked and inaccessible for one year, causing an increasing price floor. 2% will go to marketing and innovation to build a community that benefits anyone who holds the CSHIELD token. To get more information visit the $CSHIELD Community group on Telegram. 

The Commitment of the CoviShield Team 

 The World Health Organization estimates the current number of Covid cases at over 190 million worldwide. Over 4 million lives have been lost. While the virus still is vigorously claiming lives, the impact has been far-reaching as it is fueling the collapse of the world economy and the poor and middle classes. The developers of CoviShield personally experienced the progression of the Covid-19 pandemic. They saw communities struggling with the deadly virus across India and the rest of the world and felt an urgent need to do something about it.

To help those affected by the pandemic. CoviShield was explicitly designed so that everyone who supports the cause may also profit from doing so. They felt it would create a faster way to be able to fund the relief project. The quicker people can heal or be vaccinated, the faster the world will be on the road to recovery. 

One of the developers on the team stated, “If your country is struggling with this virus now and you dream of a future with no lockdowns and no barriers, come join us in this powerful journey. We will be able to accomplish it together.” Then they went on to add, ” We are here to stay. Let us begin this journey together. It has the potential to bring real change in the lives of many people. Lives who are desperate for our support. For those who trust in humanity to come to their rescue when governments may have failed them?”

The CoviSheild team is looking forward to all the public support they can get in this journey. By supporting the project, Covid Care Centres from around the globe will be grateful. More information may be found in the CoviShield Telegram community room.

Written by: Robert Stone at “Shake the Web”

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