Will Support BoringDAO Split and Token Swap

According to the BoringDAO team, the BoringDAO is migrating their tokens from $BOR to $BORING, at the ratio of 1 $BOR : 10,000 $BORING. will support the token redenomination and will swap the old $BOR tokens for new $BORING tokens for users.

Swap Ratio: 1:10,000
Old token ($BOR) contract
0x3c9d6c1C73b31c837832c72E04D3152f051fc1A9 (ERC20)
The New token ($BORING )contract :
0xBC19712FEB3a26080eBf6f2F7849b417FdD792CA (ERC20)
0xffEecbf8D7267757c2dc3d13D730E97E15BfdF7F (BEP20) token swap date: Jun 20’s BOR token redenomination and swap planning:

1) has already closed $BOR loan in the margin trading markets. Existing $BOR borrowers should repay their BOR loan before Jun 20th .
2) Starting Jun 20th 1:00 AM UTC, will close $BOR deposits and withdrawals.
3) Starting Jun 20th, 4:00 AM UTC, will take $BOR trading offline and cancel all open orders and swap the $BOR tokens to the new $BORING tokens.
3) When completes the token swap, we will commence new $BORING token trading . The new token will use the ticker $ BORING .The old tokens deposited to after the swap will be credited as $BOR. (The $BORING trading commencement time will be announced as soon as we complete the token swap).

Important Notice: After this token swap, the value of the new $BORING token would be 1/10000 that of the old BOR token, without considering other factors that might impact the price. Please pay close attention to the price when you place orders.

If your $BOR tokens are on, you do not need to do anything in particular. If you want to get your old $BOR swapped effortlessly on, please deposit your old $BOR token to before Jun 20th.
After this swap, will support the new $BORING tokens only. If you deposit the old $BOR tokens to, you may withdraw them to your personal wallet and swap.

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