GetYourGuide to accept payment in cryptocurrencies

A German travel booking company GetYourGuide has opened its services for U.S. destinations and will now accept payment in dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies. The site will also accept payment through debit or credit cards, PayPal and Google pay. 

GetYourGuide is a German travel booking website that has expanded to the American market. The travel company announced the expansion plan on Tuesday. 

The Berlin-based travel company will now accept payment in dogecoin. The company to date has booked more than 45 million tours in 170 countries. The company is also offering various activities, attractions and bookings in major American destinations like Hawaii, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York, Orlando, Florida and San Francisco. 

The firm is not only accepting Dogecoin processed through BitPay, it also accepts payments by credit, debit cards, PayPal and Google Pay. Johannes Reck, Co-founder and CEO of GetYourGuide, said the company is very happy to provide services in the United States as the world escapes the isolation of the Covid pandemic. Life is coming to normal slowly and people will venture out on holidays again. 

People hooked on crypts during pandemic

He further added that people have faced many challenges in the past year. They have been just hooked to a virtual space like Netflix bingeing, spending more time on social media usage, renewed interest in stock and cryptocurrency trading, like dogecoin. 

Reck said that when people can invest in creating memories while experiencing the best in the real world, people don’t have to worry about the hourly fluctuations in the price of Dogecoin.

Travel agencies and airfare can be paid via cryptos

GetYourGuide is now a part of the increasing list of travel providers accepting cryptocurrency and Dogecoin as payment. The Bobby Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee started accepting dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies from April onwards. These are accepted for overnight stays and event bookings through BitPay., an airfare website, is also accepting cryptocurrencies for flight bookings. Others that are following the suit are Latvian Carrier Air Baltic and Virgin Galactic of Richard Branson are also accepting payment in bitcoin. Expedia stopped directly accepting bitcoin in 2018 but seven lakhs of Expedia Group of hotels can be placed through the booking platform Travala, which will accept 30 cryptocurrencies by 2020. 

Emil Martinsek, Chief Marketing Officer at GetYourGuide said that the company is offering something for everyone visiting U.S. destinations. It also includes Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Tampa, Florida and Washington DC.

For people who are an art lover, or a food connoisseur, or a historian, an adrenaline junkie or a travel enthusiast, GetYourGuide is offering the experience of a lifetime to the people. The company is your companion to unlock all the inhibitions of travelling post-pandemic and gives you the most unforgettable experiences. 

Just like this Dtravel has also started accepting cryptocurrencies for all the bookings. Dtravel is running on the model of Airbnb and giving it a tough competition now. Its service will be available on the platform. It is one of a unique initiatives where the hosts and guests can rent out rooms on a decentralized platform just like Airbnb’s core business. 

Dtravel will be focusing on homes which will be available for bookings on shares this Contents always with License.