Mike Tyson post created debate among twitteratis

Intro: Boxing Champion Mike Tyson has recently posted a question on Cryptocurrencies which has created a debate-like scene on the platform. He posted which one do you prefer? BTC or ETH? to which many celebrities replied their views and preference. Read on to know more…

Unlike crypto enthusiast Elon Musk who is known for his tweets for cryptocurrency and creating a discussion on Twitter, Mike Tyson, the boxing legend has also spurred a full-on cryptocurrency debate on Twitter when he tweeted a question on the platform- Which do you prefer? Ether or BTC?

His tweet has sparked a debate among the crypto enthusiasts on Twitter and several users have replied to his tweet. The CEO of Twitter and Square Inc., Jack Dorsey replied to his comment to prefer the apex cryptocurrency. Michael Saylor, CEO, MicroStrategy Inc also favoured bitcoin. On answering Tyson’s tweet he said that he had spent more than a thousand hour considering this question and chose Bitcoin.

Replies galore 

Jay Hao, CEO, OkEx cryptocurrency Exchange had posted a meme to answer Tyson’s question. His meme featured: Don’t have to choose if you have both. Others who joined the debate on Twitter are Baby Doge Coin (Twitter Handle), and Mike Braiotta who favoured Ethereum Max. 

Both the apex cryptocurrency and the second-largest coin by market cap traded in the red zone on Monday with BTC slumped to 1.67% at $31,613.85 and ETH decreased by 4.85% at $1,890.81. 

Tyson’s interest in NFTs

Mike Tyson has been purchasing and investing in cryptocurrency for a long time. He had recently invested in the NFTs and changed his profile photo to a cool cat, one of the eponymous NFTs. Tyson and many other celebrities have invested in similar NFTs and changed their profile picture. 

This is not the first time that the boxing champion has shown his interest in cryptocurrencies. In the past also he has been associated with Bitcoin wallets and ATMs. There are many celebrities that are either endorsing cryptocurrencies or investing in them or NFTs. The trend has been picking up fast in the celebs circle and will further extend with the exposure and passage of time. 

Last year, Maisie Williams asked a question on Twitter if she should invest for the long term in Bitcoin. Her post has attracted many responses from fellow celebs including one from the Tesla Inc CEO, Elon Musk. 

Others who responded to her tweet were Mike Novogratz, CEO, Galaxy Digital Holdings Ltd. and Barry Silbert, Founder of Grayscale parent Digital Currency Group. 

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