The Advancement of Digital Health

The global pandemic changed the fundamental rhythm of our lives. One good outcome of such events has been a rapid acceleration of focus on digital health.

Real Chemistry has done research on 5 main areas within healthcare of note:

1. Doctors have become more digital. 80%+ of physicians now embrace health-related technology in personal and professional lives.

2. High tech adoption physicians behave differently. How? These doctors believe it can carry over to the improvement of patient care.

3. It isn’t just about doctors, but also patient that adopt digital. These are can-do patients who embrace digital to try to empower themselves to manage their own health as well.

4. Pharmaceutical companies are also embracing digital, especially in their interaction with physicians.

5. When you look at the relationship between doctors and patients, it is encouraging in their digital usage.

For more information on the rapid acceleration of digital health, see the visual deep dive and full report below:

Acceleration of Digital Health

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